By Endurance We conquer


The Challenge:
Run 1 mile* every day for 30 days.

* Scaling options below

By Endurance we conquer

Run Challenge

For the Run challenge you will run 1 mile every day for 30 days.

Scaling Options:
Increase or decrease distance as appropriate for you.

Participants can use this tracking sheet to log reps.

  • Challenges are to be performed every day for 30 days (learn why).
  • If you miss a day, the distance will accumulate and roll over to the next day.
  • All runs must be completed by the end of  30 days. You can use this form to track your runs.
  • Completion of the challenge is on the honor system.
  • There will be a different challenge posted every month.
  • Those who complete 4 (8, 12, etc) challenges will receive an Endurance Challenge Coin.

By Endurance We conquer


All participants will receive a 2×3 embroidered patch with velcro backing. Earning it is up to you. A new patch will be released with each challenge.


Subscribers to this challenge will receive this limited edition Endurance Challenge Coin, while supplies last. 

Unless noted here, this bonus is still available.

The image below is a proof for the coin that is currently under production. It will be 2 inches, aged nickel, black, and bronze.

By Endurance we conquer

$12 - Single Entry

$10 - Subscription



Single Entry


*By registering you agree to receive email updates regarding this and other monthly challenges. We won’t sell your email address or spam you. That would be lame. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time. $10  Subscriptions will be renewed monthly based on the date you sign up. You may cancel your subscription at any time (see FAQ for details).

By Endurance We conquer


1. Why should I do this challenge?
Because doing hard things and earning patches is awesome. More than that, we believe simple acts, done every day, help build the mental and physical endurance necessary to conquer life. Learn more here.

2. What happens if I don't complete the challenge?
Well... nothing. You still get the patch. But, come on. It is gonna be awesome.

3. Why is the subscription price lower than the single entry price?
Because, we want you to sign up for the subscription.

4. I'm not sure I want to subscribe. What if next month's challenge is too hard or the patch isn't as cool?
We are designing challenges that can accommodate all levels of individuals. The goal is to pick a challenge that is relative to you and then show up each day to do the work. Learn more here.

5. What is the inspiration for this challenge?
Sir Earnest Shackleton and the tale of his crew of The Endurance.

6. Who is running this thing?
Train2Endure.com is part of The Rucking Collective, LLC. But, if you're asking about the human behind it, my name is Ryan. My email is in question 8 if you wanna ask me anything.

7. How do I cancel or update a subscription?
Email me at the address in question 8 and we will cancel your subscription ASAP.

8. I have more questions, need to update my shipping/billing address, want ice cream, or need to end my subscription. What should I do?
Email ryan@train2endure.com

9. What do I do now?
Click the button below and sign up.

10. When do I get my patch?
It should be in your mailbox in early February or within 5 business days after you order (if you order in January). Time may be longer for international customers.

11. What about International folks?
We ship patches internationally at no additional cost. Though, we occasionally have difficulty with items being delivered to some countries. If your patch gets sent back we will work with you to find a solution or refund your registration fee.